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In Springbok you will find a variety of accommodation to suit budget and every preference. From luxury 4 star Guest Houses, small hotels, inns, lodges, caravan and tent camping sites, cottages, bed & breakfasts and self catering holiday house accommodation can be found right here. 

Why stay in Springbok?

Whether you are travelling from Cape Town to Namibia or back and need a stop over, exploring the enchanting Richtersveld, or perhaps you just want to meet some of the most awesome people on the planet, the old diamond smugglers or the humble Nama folk. These are all good reasons to experience Springbok. Springbok is packed with exciting history that you will be able to explore. 

Not to be ignored is the flower season, the orange and yellow dessert daisies of Springbok will astound you with their brilliance usually around August, September and October.

 The tiny veld flowers are each brilliant and amazing when you explore the fields more closely, they are everywhere. Vygies usually start their displays soon after the daisies in Namaqualand, some mountains are bright purple in Springbok at this time of the year.

The most incredible thing is that some seeds lie dormant for years until they have their required weather conditions, and that is why no one can predict exactly which flowers will be on display from year to year. Each visit to Springbok in the flower season promises to be unique.